This Compliance Reporting Tool is operated by Wilems Resource Group, an independent company, and has been provided to give you an opportunity to report any compliance concerns regarding your ACO or ACO activities. This tool allows you to report anonymously or to provide your contact information. Rest assured, if you decide to remain anonymous, no one will know that you have made a report.

The information you submit below will be transmitted to the ACO’s Compliance Officer, and it will be up to the ACO to follow-up on the report. The ACO has a non-retaliation policy. This means that you do not need to fear making a report in good faith. ACOs rely on individuals like you to let them know when something is wrong. If you are a patient, or a family member of a patient, your or your family member’s medical care will not be negatively impacted as a result of the report. If you feel that you are being retaliated against, please call your ACO’s Compliance Officer.
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